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Once all the mould spores are killed, THEN ONLY do we proceed to clean the visible mould in the affected area. This ensures that mould spores are not spread outside the contaminated area.

Not only do we clean the visible mould stains, we clean the ENTIRE surface of the contaminated areas. Furniture, personal belongings etc can also be cleaned at the request of the clients.

We use a specially sourced and tested product for cleaning the contaminated areas. This product is safe and is non toxic. As we do not use BLEACH, in some instances, mould stains remain. This is purely cosmetic as the mould spores would be dead from our stage 1 and stage 2 treatments.


The Bleach Myth:

Bleach DOES NOT kill mould. It simply bleaches it – meaning it takes away the color of the mould and leaves behind a nice clean looking surface.

Bleach can hide dirt – Bleach can make some soil transparent leading one to think that the surface is clean when in fact the soiling remains.

Bleach damages fibers and carpets and corrodes hard surfaces such as metals.

Bleach is NOT effective in killing black mould and household mould on porous surfaces such as timber, plywood, ceiling tiles, insulation, all of which are good food for mould to eat.


Our process for cleaning the contaminated areas is:

Product is sprayed onto all contaminated surface

Product is left to dwell on the surfaces for a period of 15 minutes

All surfaces are wiped down

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