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At ProtectPlus, we carry out a detailed inspection and assessment of the property or area to determine the level of contamination and the correct treatment that is needed.

We carry out the initial assessment with the aid of a Moisture Meter to obtain Humidity, Temperature, Condensation Levels and the level of moisture present in the property being assessed. The various reading will provide our trained technicians with indications of the source and cause of the contamination as well as the level of treatment needed to treat the contamination.


A full inspection includes:

Determining the source and exposure of the contamination and recommending solution to fix the mould problem.


Surface Sampling – this can be carried out if the client agrees. A total of 5 surface samples are taken which are then tested by an independent laboratory. The results determine the level of bacteria that is present and gives us agood indication on the dosage of the products to use.


Airborne Samples – this can also be carried out if requested by the customer.


Moisture testing of the entire property using a Moisture Meter. This gives us Temperature, Relative Humidity, Dew Point Temperature and level of Condensation.


A visual inspection of the entire property including walls, ceilings, cupboards, ducting, air conditioning units, sub floor cavity, roof cavity and any other confined spaces.


The above steps also gives us indications if there is a possible leak in the property that may be causing the high humidity and moisture levels which in turn is causing mould growth.


Finally, a report is prepared to include our observations and recommendations for treatment. This report will also include the test results from surface and air sampling if these were requested

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