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Professional mould testing & detection. Learn why mould inspection should not be FREE. Detailed mould check.

Mould Inspection - (Special Limited Time Offer – $385 Only $299)


If you smell mould in your property or suffer from allergic symptoms like sneezing, running nose, or sore eyes, chances are there might be mould developing in your property? If so, then you should have a mould inspection performed at the earliest to avoid costly property repairs and significant damage to your health.


At Protect Plus, we carry out mould inspection and assessment of the property or area to determine the level of contamination and the correct treatment that is needed.


Standard Mould Inspection – For a Limited Time, Pay only $299 instead of $385!


All of our standard mould assessments are carried out with an aid of a Moisture Meter. This gives us…


  • Temperature readings
  • Relative humidity
  • Dew point temperature
  • Level of condensation


A visual mould check of the entire property including walls, ceilings, cupboards, ducting, air conditioning units, sub floor cavity, roof cavity and any other confined spaces is also included in the standard mould inspection.

The various reading provides our trained mould inspectors with indications of the source and cause of the contamination as well as the level of treatment needed. A comprehensive report is then prepared to include our observations and recommendations for treatment along with a detailed quote.


Our Mould Inspection is for…


Home Sellers – Save your deal and get a pre-sale home mould inspection done today!


Home Buyers – Get the inspection done before any money changes hand and potentially save thousands of dollars.


Tenants – Put your case forward to the real estate accompanying findings from an independent laboratory.


Real Estate Agents - Our lab report documentation will help protect you from any claims.


Mould Testing (Optional) – POA


Mould testing provides a more complete and accurate picture of the mould problem in your property. It can help detect indoor air-borne particles and identify the type of mould present in the area.


A full inspection includes…


1) Surface Sampling – this can be carried out if the client agrees. A total of 5 surface samples are taken which are then tested by an independent laboratory. The results determine the level of bacteria that is present and gives us a good indication on the dosage of the products to use


2) Airborne Samples – this can also be carried out if requested by the customer. Air sampling tests the concentration of mould spores in the air. Samples are taken from the air and are later examined under a microscope by an independent laboratory


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Beware of mould remediation companies that offer a "Free Inspection", but drive up the cost when you turn the job over to them. Ask questions, remember nothing is FREE! We guarantee unbiased inspections and reports regardless of who you chose to remediate mould from your property.

Our friendly staff look forward to assisting you. Call 1300 330 220 Now or Enquire Online for a response within 24 hours.

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