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ProtectPlus provides two types of Bed Bug Infestation removal.

1. Spray Treatment - Traditional Application

2. Heat Treatment - Thermal Remediation Process


In most cases, by the time customers call us to treat an infestation, they have utilised some form of DIY products or engaged other companies to try and eradicate the infestation.


The first step in getting rid of Bed Bugs is to identify the problem or the infestation. The best person to identify the problem or infestation is “You”. This is due to the fact that you or whoever is experiencing the bites, irritations are best placed to identify the possible infestation. We will ask you several questions over the phone to be able to fully understand the level of infestation.


After identifying the level of infestation and the conditions surrounding the infestation, we will recommend the best solution to eliminate the infestation. We take into account the various characteristics of bed bugs such as:


  • An active Bed Bug will only live for between 4 to 10 months.
  • Adult bed bugs can be in hibernation for up to 18 months.
  • While they are called Bed Bugs, they can be found anywhere in your house.
  • Bed Bugs can be found in the filthiest of places to the cleanest of houses.
  • Everyone reacts differently to bed bug bites. Some people do not react at all.
  • Bed bug bite reactions can be instant or can be delayed for up to 14 days or more.


 Spray Treatment - Traditional Application


ProtectPlus does not use chemicals to kill Bed Bug infestations as bed bugs have been known to develop resistance towards chemicals. We use our proprietary natural formula to eliminate the infestation where this process is suitable to be used.


The Process:

  • HEPA Vacuum of all areas to be treated using our specialised HEPA Vacuum utilising a specialised one time use HEPA filter cartridge.
  • Application of our proprietary solution to edges, corners and crevices in the space to be treated.
  • Application of our proprietary solution to beds, bed frames, bed base, mattresses, pillows and other furnishings.
  • Repeat of steps 1 and 3 above after 6 weeks.


 Your responsibility before and after the treatment.


Client Responsibilities - Pre Treatment Client Responsibilities - Post Treatment Post-treatment advice and risk minimization measures
  • Remove items that are against the walls to allow at least a 10cm space between the item and the wall(s)
  • Allow at least 4Hrs from the commencement of Treatment before you gets back into the property. Technician will dvise you of the exact timing.
  • Cover the mattress and base with a Bed Bug proof mattress Protector to prevent re-infestation
  • Remove any wall mounted items but do not take them out of the room.
  • Ensure furnishings are dry prior to putting on linen
  • Wash all clothing, including unused ones after travelling (follow the laundering procedures below)
  • Remove linen from bed and base. These should be bagged and laundered (see laundering procedures in later section)
  • Replace all items removed from walls
  • Thoroughly vacuum bags and other belongings brought back from travel paying particular attention to the seams and around the zippers.
  • Do not remove any items of furniture from the room. In most cases beds can be treated and do not need to be disposed of.
  • If you believe you have Bed Bugs, DO NOT disturb furnishings  or personal belongings. Avoid moving items from place to place. Contact your Bed Bugs Specialist immediately.
  • If a mattress is torn and therefore difficult to treat, it can be disposed of. Discuss this with the technician. The mattress should be rendered unusable, sealed and disposed of after being treated.
  • All clothing worn in the last 3 days to be bagged and laundered.


Laundering procedures for Bed bug management

One or both options below should be undertaken to ensure all life stages of the Bed Bugs are killed:

  • Washing machine - Hot — 60oC — 30 minute wash
  • Tumble Dry - Hot dry— 30 minutes — 40/45oC


Heat Treatment - Thermal Remediation


Heat is the most effective way of killing and eliminating all stages of bed bug infestation in one process. ProtectPlus undertakes a thermostatically controlled heat treatment process using specialised equipment making it a safe and eco-friendly option.


Some operators sell “Steam” as a process for eradicating Bed Bug Infestation. It should be noted that the “Kill Temperature” for bed bug removal is at least 47 Degrees Celsius or higher. At the point of contact, Steam is nowhere near as hot as what is required to effectively kill all stages of bed bugs. The heat from the steam makes the bed bugs find cooler places to hide in and they return wants it cools down.


As much as bed bugs have developed resistance towards chemicals, there is no surviving from heat.

The monitored process of evenly distributing heat in the space treated is the only 100% effective process whereby all stages of the infestations are treated. Some of the benefits of Heat Treatment are:


  • Single Treatment            
  • Reaches areas where solutions cannot
  • There is no need for you to leave the house except for the areas treated
  • Treatment is carried out with real time monitoring of temperatures
  • Eco Friendly


The Process:

  • Heat escape areas of the space treated and sealed with heat resistant materials.
  • Use of specialized custom made industrial heaters to bring the inside of the space being treated to a minimum of 46° C in order to kill all life stages of bed bugs that might be hiding inside furniture, fixtures and other belongings.
  • Thorough HEPA Filter Vacuuming of all treated areas, including mattresses, beds and cracks and crevices to remove dead bed bugs.
  • Application of liquid spray to all cracks and crevices in the treated areas.



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