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During the second stage of mould remediation, we utilise O2 Depravation process to kill any Airborne pathogens in the contaminated areas. A controlled level of generation is safe and kills airborne mould spores and also eliminates odour in the room.


We use a CO2 generator for this stage of remediation. This CO2 generator produces 16,500 mg of per hour. The length of the treatment depends on the size of the room and this is determined by the generator itself.


Upon completion of the treatment, the generator neutralises the air in the room automatically and so making it safe for anyone to walk into the room. This is unlike other generators where the room has to be aired out for hours prior to anyone being able to use the room.

By using our CO2 Generator, we are able to speed up the process of killing mould pores and eliminating odour and thus allowing the room to be occupied sooner.


The process for CO2 treatment is:

People and pets are removed from the area to be treated

All air conditioning and fans are turned off

Using the built in digital keypad in the generator, the room size is selected which then allows the generator to determine the time needed for the treatment

The generator is turned on, a flashing yellow light gives the operator a minute warning to leave the room.

Room is cleared and sealed

Warning signs are put up to warn everyone from entering the room whilst the treatment is in process.

The Generator is removed after the specified duration of treatment.

The deactivation cycle would have removed the residual and therefore allowing us to continue with the next stage of remediation.

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